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Looking for Medical Insurance for Visitor to Canada

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Are you expecting family and friends from outside Canada? 
Non-Canadian residents don’t have health insurance coverages. Which means that your dear ones might end up facing significant out-of-pocket expenses, should an unexpected illness or an accident occur during their stay here?

As you would be knowing, any medical treatment is too expensive in Canada. In case of any unfortunate circumstances, if you have to get admitted to the hospital, just one night’s stay can cost you about $8,000-$10,000! Why would anyone want to spend so much money on a hospital, when you can get yourself insurance coverage for a much cheaper price and completely worries free throughout your entire trip!

Thankfully, Valid Insurance Services Inc. provides tailor-made plans for Visitors and Immigrants to Canada along with insurance plans for International Students. We offer a convenient, flexible and affordable way to protect you and your family and friends against the cost of any unanticipated medical emergencies.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 416-901-9695 or visit our website at www.visg.ca or insurance4visitor.com for more detailed information.
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