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1. Firstly, ageing is an unavoidable process. You'll never be this young again and can never buy it cheaper than right now. It is because of the obvious fact that, with age, premium rates also increase. The company’s actuaries develop fair pricing based on mortality, interest, and expense for standard smoker and non-smoker rates for each age. So, the earlier the better. 2. Secondly, inflation of the economy has a major effect on the premium. With inflation, as the interest rate for the investments hikes up, it subsequently affects the premium spikes up too. 3. Thirdly, the uncertainty that the future holds for us. As we get older, we are prone to a lot more age-related diseases than when we are young. At that stage, there is also a possibility, that the insurance company might decline the insurance. And even if we get insurance, it would be for an exceptionally high premium. We can never be sure of what would happen the next second. No one can vouch for our future. Assuring our dependents of financial security is the least that we can do. Waiting is not an option, it’s time to take action no matter how old you are. Don’t delay, stop procrastinating! Just call us right away!